ICCE 2016 | International Conference on Consumer Electronics

ICCE 2016

The International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) is soliciting technical papers for tutorial, oral and poster presentations. ICCE is established as a prime home for emerging CE and papers reporting new developments in all areas of consumer electronics are invited, including but not limited to those listed below.

ICCE Conference Theme - Virtual and Augmented Lifestyle

ICCE has always prided itself on covering a broad spectrum of research activity relevant to Consumer Electronics and has a stronger reputation as a home for non-traditional consumer electronics. This walk through a smarter world means a call for wearable, smart home, automotive, context awareness, video and audio personalization, entertainment, wellness, connectivity, energy, cloud services, personal privacy, storage, computer vision, or sensors fusion.

This year during the Mobile World Congress Mark Zuckerberg stated that: “VR is the next platform … the most social platform”. VR/AR technology has reached a level of maturity where it is about to impact on our daily lifestyle. Contributions involving research that enables new augmented consumer devices, systems or services are particularly encouraged.

New for 2017, ICCE will feature affinity tracks organized with the IEEE Biometrics and RFID councils, the IEEE Cloud Computing initiative and the IEEE Society for the Social Implications of Technology. There will also be a dedicated Industry Track to highlight new and emerging industry research activities.

ICCE 2017 will start co-located and overlapping with the final day of the 2017 CES®. In this edition ICCE will program high level expertise Tutorials on emerging topics as well as Special Sessions and a set of relevant Keynote Speakers. 


Main Conference Sessions - Core Topics

Services in the Internet of Me

Entertainment, Healthcare and Medical, Automotive and Transportation, Smart Grid, Smart Home and Home Automation

Devices in the Internet of Me

Mobile Devices and Wearables, High Reliability, Power Harvesting and Energy Management, Sensing & MEMS Technologies

Infrastructure and Enabling Technologies of the Internet of Me

Cloud Services and Computing, Big data and Data Analytics, Sensor Fusion Concepts,Computer Vision, OS and Development tools

Security and Privacy in the Internet of Me

Encryption, Authentication, Authorization, Secured Interface and Access

RF & Wireless & Network Technologies

Bluetooth, Zigbee and IEEE 802.11, RFID and UWB applications, Digital Modulation Systems and Software Radio, Interference and Equalization, Antennas and Spectrum Usages, Interconnection & Interoperability, Mobile Broadband, 4G LTE and Cloud-based Communications, Personal Area Networks and Wide Area Networks

Entertainment, Game & Services

Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) in Game Interactive TV and Immersive Technologies, Handheld and Wearable Computers, Smartphone and Tablet Apps, Personal Multimedia Devices and Personal Video Recorder, Game Input and User Interaction for Gaming, Social Networks, Mobile Gaming and Social Gaming Technologies

AV Systems, Image/Video Processing

3D Video, Encoding/ Decoding & Transcolding, Digital TV & Video Standards, Content Indexing and recommendation, Recording, Storage and Distribution, Watermarking, Encryption and Digital Rights Management, Quality & Sharpness Enhancements & Visual Quality Assessment, Streaming & Video on Demand, GPU and Multi core Video Processing, Embedded Vision, Error Correction/Concealment

Automotive Entertainment and Electronics

Automotive Camera Systems, Speech Interfaces, Augmented Reality & Assistive Technology, Navigation and Location based Services, Driver Assistance, In-Car-Entertainment, Sensors and Control

Sensors, MEMS and Enabling Technologies

Haptics Technologies, Human-Device Interface, Biometrics and Secure Transactions, Embedded & Reconfigurable Hardware, Intellectual Property & Product Safety, Memory & Storage

Health & Wellness

Remote Care & Real-time Monitoring & Location-Aware Telemonitoring, Telehealth/Telemedicine, HealthTracker/Wearable Sensors/ Medical Robotics, Support Systems for People with Special Demands, Vital Parameter Monitoring & Medical Instrumentation, Ingestible and Implantable Monitors, Healthcare Informatics/Hospital Systems

Energy Management

Power Storage & Management, Smart Energy Devices and Apps, Energy Harversting and Efficiency, Inductive Charging & Transmission and Conventional Batteries, Recyclable/Green Engineering, Smart Grid Technologies

Other CE Related Innovations and Applications

Other Activities Taking Place In and Around the Conference

2016 International CES

ICCE 2016 will start and overlap with the final day of the 2016 International CES. The program will feature a “Review of the 2016 International CES” by a number of IEEE technical experts.

Industrial Category in all Tracks

The ‘Industrial Categories’ is meant for papers that are submitted by non-academic, mainly targeted at companies in CE related industries. These type of papers are usually of more practical contents and implementation focus.Papers submitted are subject to acceptance through the regular review by the technical program committee but qualified industry reviewers will do the review for these papers.In addition, papers submitted under this category can be excluded from IEEE Xplore if the authors want to retain their copyrights.

Special Conference Sessions

ICCE has always prided itself on covering a broad spectrum of research activity relevant to Consumer Electronics. ICCE 2016 will incorporate several parallel conference tracks of Special, Invited Sessions.


High level tutorials on emerging technologies will be scheduled during the Conference. This edition we plan to offer a reduced set of high-level expertise tutorials (up to 4 hours each) on top emerging topics and newest trends and technologies in CE. Tutorials attendance will not have extra cost for ICCE registered attendees.

Doctoral Workshop

The Doctoral Workshop is a more interactive session than a regular conference paper presentation, with a panel of experienced mentors from academia and industry providing specific advice for improvement on the author’s paper and presentation style.