ICCE 2016 | Special Sessions

Special Sessions


  • Mini Technology Time Machine Special Session (Saturday January 9, 2016)  (Source: Tom C, Contact: Kathy Grise; Chair: Douglas Zimmerman) 

            Alicia   Abella  (Assistant VP, Cloud Technologies and Services Research Organization, AT&T)

            Andrew Laine (Professor, Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Professor of Radiology (Physics), Columbia University)

           Mahmoud Daneshmand (Professor of Business Intelligence and Analytics at Stevens Institute of Technology)   

           Yu Yuan (Founder, CATE Global)


  • IEEE MASARU IBUKA Consumer Electronics Award

    recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of consumer electronics technology—sponsored by Sony Corporation—to Steven Sasson — President, Steven J. Sasson Consulting LLC., Hilton, New York, USA, “For designing and building the first digital still camera.”