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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tutorial 1: Lee Stogner: "Mobile Power"


Tutorial 2: Mark Sargent ( VP at CTIA): "5G Tutorial"

Title of Tutorial: Wireless Evolution - A 5G Tutorial

Abstract/Summary of the tutorial content:

This tutorial introduces the evolution of various wireless air interface generations - 1G/2G/3G/4G/5G with some qualitative and quantitative characteristics. It provides the current status of LTE along with its market drivers. It continues with the description of 5G requirements followed by identification of a few necessary elements to meet these requirements. It concludes with the timeframe projections of 5G wireless Standards along with some use cases.

Presenter's Bio:

Mark Sargent is Vice President of Certification Programs at CTIA, where he oversees the U.S. wireless industry's certification programs for consumer wireless devices.  In this position, he is also Chairman of CTIA's industry-wide Certification Program Working Group.  Mark has 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, having held various engineering, sales, marketing, product development and operations positions.  He received a BSEE from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from Duke University.


Sunday , January 10, 2016

Tutorial 3: Elie Track: "Robooting Computing"

Tutroial 4: Xiaoyu Sun (Sabic): "CE Materials" 


Monday, January 11, 2016

Tutorial 5: Brian Zahnstecher (PowerRox): "Power-Driven Consumer Market Disruption" 

Brian Zahnstecher, Principal
1125 S Baywood Ave
San Jose, CA 95128
(508) 847‐5747
Whether realized or not, power solutions are driving what is possible for consumer electronics at every
level from smartphones to the latest in wearable technology. Furthermore, power solutions are
enabling game‐changing paradigm shifts in the way consumer electronic products are designed,
manufactured, and marketed. Even today, you can eliminate your AC wall adapter, charge your device
wirelessly, and potentially run a wearable device for many years off a small cell battery. This two‐part
tutorial will provide an in‐depth look at power technology to give an attendee an understanding of what
drives power solutions (today & tomorrow) and how those solutions enable leading‐edge consumer
products. The content is for a target audience of engineers, design managers, program managers,
commodities managers, and sales/marketing personnel.
Part one will focus on many fundamental aspects of power solutions to help one understand the
importance of power efficiency, key design tradeoffs (i.e. – cost, efficiency, manufacturability, etc.), and
how intelligent design in both the HW and SW space maximizes the use of every last milliwatt. Part two
will build upon the content learned in the first part to bridge this information with the consumer
electronics application space and highlight several technologies and markets driven by power
Brian Zahnstecher is the Principal of PowerRox, where he focuses on power design, integration, system
applications, and OEM market penetration for power electronics. He has successfully handled
assignments in system design/architecting, AC/DC front‐end power, embedded solutions, processor
power, and digital power solutions for a variety of clients. He previously held positions in power
electronics with industry leaders Emerson Network Power, Cisco, and Hewlett‐Packard, where he
advised on best practices, oversaw product development, managed international teams,
created/enhanced optimal workflows and test procedures, and designed and optimized voltage
regulators. He has been a regular contributor to the industry as an invited speaker, author, workshop
participant, session host, roundtable moderator, and volunteer. He has over 12 years of industry
experience and holds Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Science degrees from Worcester
Polytechnic Institute.
PowerRox is a consultancy dedicated to solving power problems for those seeking to establish or
enhance their position in the enterprise power electronics marketplace. We specialize in making power
solutions more reliable, more efficient, less expensive, and more capable. We can solve problems in
power supply design, power system development, system debug and test, cost/performance analysis,
marketing, and re‐design. We are committed to meeting all deadlines, performing on‐budget,
debugging/testing solutions to required levels, and doing the highest quality work possible.


Tutorial 6: Patrice Roulet: "ImmerVision" 

Topic: Create, share and experience in 360° - the next generation of visual connectivity.

Abstract: The first selfie (image of me), captured by a J-SH04 phone from J-Phone (now SoftBank) in Japan in November 2000, was a 0.11-megapixels narrow field of view image with the ability to send the photos electronically. With the combination of a camera and connectivity in the same device, the era of visual communications started, opening a small keyhole into people's day-to-day lives. Since then, a variety of electronic products embedding cameras, such as wearables, mobile phones, web cams, home cams, tablets, sports cameras, drones and cars, have appeared in the consumer market. This availability has driven the growth of video communications and the demand for high resolution sensor and lens technology.

Today, most connected devices still offer a narrow field of view experience, while most camera designs are an incremental improvement on the original late 90's design. On the back of the race to higher resolution and better image quality, another trend is emerging: to capture, share and experience immersive content. One of the challenges of the 360° and virtual reality (VR) industry is to define a video standard between devices and software that ensures a plug and play immersive experience. This presentation will introduce different initiatives to capture, share and experience 360° content, and will present the future user experience resulting from a complete standardized ecosystem of interconnected 360° devices and software. Users are ready to move away from narrow angle keyhole capture devices and open a large 360° window to share experiences of their daily lives.


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