ICCE 2016 ICCE Transactions on Consumer Electronics Instructions

IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics journal publishes special ICCE issue every year. ICCE authors are encouraged to contribute to the Transactions On Consumer Electronics publishing relevant research in the field.

The IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics publishes four issues per year on the latest research in the field of Consumer Electronics applicable to the scope of the journal. However, the May issue is now reserved (as of 2013) for enhanced papers that authors have submitted from those presented at the annual IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE). Timeliness of the dissemination of technical papers is of paramount concern in the ever-changing environment of the field, indeed IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics has the fastest submission to e-publication time in the IEEE for non-letters.

Previous issues of the IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics can accessed from theĀ Xplore site.

The acceptance ratio is currently only 15% and the average delay from submission to posting on Xplore is 4 months.

In November 2011, IEEE Board of Directors approved a proposed scope change of the IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics to

The engineering and research aspects of the theory, design, construction, manufacture or end use of mass market electronics, systems, software and services for consumers

Transactions on Consumer Electronics

Potential author instructions

Commercial names and trademark terms are not allowed in this journal.

Copyright images can only be present in this journal where the authors of papers have received permission from the original copyright holder and clearly state permission has been obtained.

Authors should note the unmovable submission deadlines present in the template. However, papers can be submitted at any time.

ALL detailed information for preparation and submission is contained in the template.

Where conference papers have previously been published at one of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society events (excluding ICCE), then significantly expanded versions of those papers with full academic rigour could be submitted at any time. However, authors should note that the new submitted paper still needs to conform to the scope of this journal and cite the original conference paper being elaborated.

Instructions to Authors of Papers submitted to the Transactions on Consumer Electronics

The primary purpose for publishing the Transactions of the Consumer Electronics Society is to present to the membership and the engineering community in general, papers on new technology oriented to Consumer Electronics that are relevant, interesting, enlightening, and instructive New technology does not simply mean new product development, although it does not preclude new product development where unusual technical achievement has been attained. The key factor is the emphasis placed on technology rather than product. All papers must meet the "Criteria for Publication" in the Transactions, and each paper must clearly describe how it applies to consumer electronics.

If you are interested in submitting a paper to the Transactions on Consumer Electronics, please download the electronic template from: template.doc. Carefully read the entire template before beginning preparation of your manuscript. The electronic template clearly describes the procedures for submitting papers as well as the above-mentioned "Criteria for Publication." The template leads you to a web site wherein you can attach and electronically submit your paper. You will also need to follow the instructions on the template to submit the required IEEE Copyright Transfer & Export Control Form.