Registration for 2017 will available soon....

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Go to the Link listed above for Registration.
  2. Pick the column to the left if you are new to registration (Attendee).
  3. Fill out the next page. Continue
  4. Fill out the next page. Continue
  5. Make a selection in each group. Continue.
  6. Pick a choice. Continue
  7. Purchase Conference Sessions Page. Pay no attention to the $100.00 charge on the side. Scroll down to the bottom, on the left hand side scroll to pick ICCE. Pick between the five choices at this point. You will be given the chance to put in your priority code from below to get the discount that may be applicable.
  8. The tours on the next page are in reference to CES show not ICCE.
  9. The next page also does not refer to ICCE.
  10. Accept and go to the next page.
  11. At the bottom of the page, you can apply your code and the rate to the right will change.
  12. Finish.
ICCE 2017 CODES            
  none member (Priority Code I3EMA) CE Society Member (Priority Code I3ECA) CE Affiliate Member (Priority Code I3EAA) student member (Priority Code I3ESA) student non-member (Priority Code I3ESNA) Life member (Priority Code I3ELA)
Full Conference 800 625 600 600 350 400 300
Full Conference Late 900 725 700 700 450 500 400
Sunday Only Fee 325 275          

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